Sunday, April 25, 2010

School Days, Fool Days

Ok so this blog had to go unnerground for a bit 'cause of how surreal my life became over the past five months but i am back for those several pairs of eyes that come here and I THANK YOU for your PATRONAGE and PATIENCE.

good lord - life is a trip. ANYWAY! HEY!

so I took some classes at the Art Students League in NYC over the past few months and here are the fruits of that venture:

(The "notes" on the left hand side of these two life drawings are by Frank Porcu, anatomy instructor at ASL.)


Mitch K said...

Wow man, fantastic life drawing! How long were these poses?

Nate said...

thanks mitch! the life drawing classes I took at ASL were three hours long and the model held the same pose. enough rope to hang yourself with, in other words.