Friday, August 29, 2008

Saltbox house

JK's notes:
I would throw away the rulers though - lines are too straight-that makes things look mechanical and cold - give the house some weight and make it a bit more organic

and you still are filling up negative spaces

your tree in the bg has nice s
econd level leaf clumps, but the tree iis filling up the space between the house and the fg tree

the bush to the right of the house is eating the house silhouette - if you moved it a bity to the right and left space between it and the house, it would make a better overall composition

look at some of the comic examples I post for less mechanical lines and forms


Mitch K said...

Nate! Your stuff is great! You're coming to Halifax, eh?

Keep drawing! :D

Nate said...

Hey Mitch! Thanks for dropping by.

Well I was all set to go to Halifax but then I landed in the hospital for a few days and it looks like I'll be confined to my apartment for the next couple weeks.

Maybe in October.